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Although COVID-19 has been the dominant story in 2020, AbboMax would like to thank you for your continued support and research effort during this challenging time.
We offer $99 per catalogue antibody listing on website, ending March 30, 2021.
We wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season!
2021 Promotion
Promotion Code: ABM20

AbboMax, Inc specializes in antibody and assay development. With more than fifteen years of experiences in antibody development, we are proud to present our professional custom antibody/assay services. The following promotions are valid on line ordering (Code# ABM20)

Antibody development may require services other than those listed here. Therefore, the price listed here should be considered as guidelines only. We will prepare a detail quote after we discuss the project details with you. We will work out the most efficient and economical approach and include all appropriate discounts. Please contact us at: [email protected]

Product Promotion Code: ABM20
  1. Epigenetic Tools--Email us for bulk price inquiry
  2. Stem Cell Markers--Email us for bulk price inquiry
  3. Monoclonal Antibodies--Email us for bulk price inquiry
  4. Phosphspecific Antibodies--Email us for bulk price inquiry
  5. Liposome Reagents--Email us for inquiry
  6. Kinase Inhibitors--Email us for inquiry
  7. Catalogue Antibodies and Reagents--Email us for inquiry
Service Promotion Code: ABM20

The animal facility for antibody production is registered with USDA and OLAW. Please contact us if you have special requirements.

  1. Polyclonal Peptide-Antibody Package (Cat#60001) --$1195/Project
    Feature—Epitope selection, peptide synthesis, purification, KLH/GGG conjugation, 2x rabbits immunization and antibody production, ELISA titration on all bleeds.
  2. Polyclonal Protein-Antibody Package (Cat#60002) --$700/Project
    Feature—Protein (antigen) is provided by customer, 2x rabbits immunization, and antibody production, ELISA titration.
  3. Monoclonal Antibody Package (Cat#60003) --$5500/project
    Phase I: 5x mice immunization and bleeding, and ELISA titration
    Phase II: Mouse selection, fusion and parental clone screening
    Phase III: Subcloning, selection, cryogenic vialing
    Phase IV: Large scale antibody production, and protein level determination, and ELISA titration
    Phase V (Option): Affinity purification according to isotyping
  4. Peptide Carrier Protein Conjugation (Cat#60004) --$195/project
    Feature—KLH, BSA, GGG, THY, PPD (a selected carrier protein) site-directed conjugation
  5. Antibody Purification (Cat#60005) —$790/project
    Feature—Epitope-affinity purification; Protein A purification; MAP system purification; Recombinant protein affinity purification (a selected method according to your applications).
  6. Accelerated Antibody Production (Cat# 60006) --$800/project
    Feature—Protein is provided by customer, the 1st shipment of antisera sample will be on the day of 20th up on receiving the antigen
  7. Polyclonal Phosphospecific/paired Antibody Package (Cat#Cat#60008) --$2950/project
    Feature—Epitope selection, phosphorylation site prediction, Phosphospecific and Non-phosphospecific peptide synthesis, purification (>80%, 20 mg), conjugation, 2 rabbit immunization and antisera production, hot peptide-affinity purification, and paired antibody collection, ELISA and/or dot blot assay.
  8. Monoclonal Phosphospecific/paired Antibody Package (Cat#60009) --$7000/project
    Feature—Epitope selection/phosphorylation site prediction, monoclonal antibody production. Clone population will include: hot specific, cold specific, and/or pan antibodies.
  9. Antibody Labeling (Cat#60010)
    Feature—Biotinylation, Enzymatic labeling, drug labeling, fluorescent labeling
  10. Antibody Fragmentation (Cat#60011)
    Feature—Fab fragmentation, F(ab)2 fragmentation
  11. Large-scale Antibody Production in vivo or in vitro (Cat# 60013)
    Feature—Small or large scale antibody production according to requests.
  12. Custom Assay Development
    Consultation of the assay design
    SOP protocol writing and results interpretation
    Material transfer
  13. Recombinant Protein Expression
    Primer design and expression system selection
    Molecular cloning and cell line selection
    Mini-prep of selected clones
    Large-scale protein over-expression
    Protein purity and concentration
    Western blot (optional)
  14. Monoclonal Antibody Epitope Mapping
    Consultation of the epitope prediction
    Epitope design and high through put assay
    Immunoassay screen to discover the positive epitope
    Data report
  15. Peptide Synthesis
    Offer free consultation of epitope selection and prediction of phosphorylation sites including Serine/Threonine, tyrosin.
    High quality, fast-turn-around custom peptide synthesis
    Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis, purified by reversed-phase HPLC
    Overnight synthesis of 10 mer or less high-quality crude peptides
    Fastest turn-around-time (TAT) in the industry
    Friendly and professional customer support
    D-amino acid synthesis, MAP synthesis
    Cyclization—disulfide bond 1, 2, and 3; amide cyclization
    Phosphorylation, methylation, acetylating
    Peptide fluorescence/dye labeling: biotin FITC/5-FAM, MCA, EDANS/DABCYL.
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